Advanced Coaching Using the GROW model iPhone app

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 Coach using advanced GROW model cards  iPhone app
written by Reb Veale & Mark Deacon

Ashby’s law or requisite variety states the ‘The person or part of a system that has the most flexibility has the most influence over the outcome’. How flexible are you currently? Introducing perceptual positioning, exploration of feelings & attitudes working using the Cartesian coordinates the Advanced cards will support you or delegates you are teaching to gain more flexibility in their coaching practice.



What’s New:     

40 questions arranges in 4 coloured suits to correspond to the GROW model. 

4 Additional Coach recap cards unique to this product .

A unique coaching direction picture card to illustrate the coaching journey.3rd in a series of 3 decks to fuel your expertise and drive results


Adding this deck to the existing 2 decks and you have 120 stock questions of increasing sophistication 12 recap cards broadening the range of review and deeper recovery of information



Download Advanced GROW Coaching Card iphone app

YouTube - Watch a screen shot demo of the app


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