Type Dynamics, problem solving and response to stress MP3 Download

Whilst type dynamics can sometimes be seen as the most complex lens through which to view personality type; Reb & Nigel wished to discuss and share the value to self awareness that can be gained from knowing why you instinctively react the way you do when faced with a problem or when under pressure.

A discussion illuminating the order and interaction between our dominant, auxilary, tertiary and inferior (sometimes called 'shadow') functions; this additional insight enables the listener to build self-awareness, emotional intellegence and hence greater behavioural choice.

There are 5 other individual MP3 sessions  in the series  or you can purchase the full 6 sessions as as a double CD pack. If this is a product you are interested in please send us an e mail indicating which product you are interested in and we will get in touch when the product is available to order.