GROW Coaching Cards - Advanced

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Ashby’s law of requisite variety states that the ‘The person or part of a system that has the most flexibility, has the most influence over the outcome’. How flexible are you currently? Introducing simple linguistic perceptual positioning, exploration of feelings & attitudes working using the Cartesian coordinates; the Advanced coaching cards will support you or delegates you are teaching to gain more flexibility in their coaching practice and hence, greater impact with their clients or staff.

Very easy to use, what a step forward. It improved my coaching practice immensely with great results for my coachee” DC, Coach


Reveal Solutions have found a most Revealing way to capture the entire coaching process using the GROW model through this set of cards.  Flexible to use, this comprehensive toolkit for learning is a must for any aspirational coach or trainer of coaches.  The cards provide a multi level perspective to coaching.  For trainers looking for a classroom-based activity, the design of the cards are sufficiently flexible that they can be utlisied in a number of different ways.  For coaches developing their skills, they act as aide memoires for the many different layers of the coaching process.  For clients in receipt of coaching, they can act as a step towards self-directed coaching.” Lisa Wake (MSc, BSc, RGN, NLP Master Trainer, UKCP Psychotherapist, AC Accredited Coach) 

What’s New:

  • 40 questions arranged in 4 coloured suits to correspond to the GROW model.
  • 4 Additional Coach recap cards unique to this product .
  • A unique coaching direction picture card to illustrate the coaching journey.
  • 3rd in a series of 3 decks to fuel your expertise and drive results

Add this deck to the existing 2 decks and you have 120 great coaching questions of increasing sophistication, 12 recap cards that broaden the range of review and much deeper recovery of information.  To what level will these cards enable you to take your coaching journey or that of your delegates...and beyond?

YouTube - Watch a demo of the cards being used

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Now in their 9th reprint and with sales to customer in over 32 different countries worldwide. Buy with confidence to improve your coaching skills or use as a training aid on workshops and courses to support trainee coaches development.

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