Introductory Coaching Using the GROW model iPhone app

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Coach using GROW model cards Introductory iPhone app
written by Reb Veale & Mark Deacon

“Very easy to use, what a step forward. It improved my coaching practice immensely with great results for my coachee”

Coaching is a very powerful tool; we often have little time in our busy lives to reflect, consider, ponder and to decide what it is we actually want. Good coaches are always in demand and good coaches never stop learning. Reb & Mark are qualified performance coaches and have introduced hundreds of people to workplace coaching using the GROW model. Here in this iCard application they have captured 40 great coaching questions to ask your coachee. Each card has a question, explains the reason behind asking it and provides one other point to consider.  4 unique coach recap cards are included to assist you further. Questions can be accessed sequentially or generated randomly within each section of the model with the user being able to access a coach recap card anytime they wish.

As you use this app, you'll start to:

  • Understand the power of questioning.
  • Hear and notice content that you have never noticed before in a person’s responses.
  • Feel comfortable knowing you are using a great framework to coach within, thus providing you with confidence.
  • Facilitate an environment where your coachee can explore their situation safely.
  • Learn and embed these powerful questions, becoming known as a great facilitator of people's thinking

This app is based upon the GROW coaching model developed by Sir John Whitmore and used by thousands of coaches around the world to assist coachees recognise what they want, where they are now, identify options and plan to take action.

Download Introductory GROW Coaching Card iphone app

YouTube - Watch a screen shot demo of the app

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