• Time to catch your wave

  • Balance to achieve, enjoy and perform

  • For a challenge or a change

  • To see what you haven’t seen before

Whatever your development journey we are here to make a difference


A variety of public courses in mBIT & NLP to suit all levels and interests. To achieve a better work life balance & reduce stress.

And corporately designed & delivered bespoke training that enhances performance and delivers results.

Coaching, Supervision & Therapy

Coaching is a partnership where you provide the hopes, dreams & goals, and we provide the skills and structure to help you realise them to achieve your wellbeing.

It never ceases to delight us how much people benefit from the coaching process.


From coaching cards based on the GROW coaching model, Dan Goleman Emotional Intelligence, Personal Resilience, Appraisal, Strength cards & Values to Coaching DVD’s, downloads, booklets,

And lots more, the Revealmore brand is trusted and sold in over 36 different Countries worldwide.

It’s your development that fuels our desire to make a difference


A little bit of background to our business

About us

  • We understand that each client, each business and each situation will be entirely unique – this is both our challenge and our greatest strength.
  • By bringing our diverse professional expertise to the conversation, we are able to offer you the optimum development assistance appropriate to you; enabling success beyond what even you had perhaps envisaged.
  • We love variety because we believe it provides more choice, we love choice because we believe it adds value to you.
  • We are team of dedicated people developers, each qualified and experienced in our fields, having held senior positions within organisations before coming together to make real development difference happen.

Why choose us?

We care about what you want to achieve
We only say yes when we know we will make a difference
We are focused and dedicated
We are thorough, knowledgeable and professional

What can you expect from us


How do we partner with you?

Combination of tried and tested best practice
Use of cutting edge technology
Pragmatic solutions
Leave you with the resource

What if you choose us?

Issues resolved
Opportunities leveraged
Real world solutions and achievement
Generative level of skill and benefit realisation