2 weeks in a 50 to go

What will the year ahead hold for you?

With all the customary New Years Resolutions made and many neither started or with enthusiasm waning already I thought it might be a good idea, not only pose the above question, but also to reiterate the key steps to achieving successful outcomes. That is assuming that we know what we want in the first place!

I want to start by asking you this. What do you want for this year? Do you know? Or are you with many others who can articulate what it is they don’t want but struggle to say what they want instead!

Having an outcome is important it gives us purpose and direction. So here is your first challenge, write down what you want and make sure it is stated in a positive manner. Let me give you an example. To say I am fed up with being unfit is not going to be very motivating for you, to say I want to learn to play Badminton and play once a week is both a positive outcome and secondly it is specific enough to quantify. Badminton is the method of getting fit and playing once a week is the frequency that you want to achieve.

Make sure that when deciding what it is you want it fits into this acronym SMART.
Specific – Your outcome should be specific, “I want to become a better manager” is not specific, however “ I want to be better at managing my time so that I am planning my days not just reacting to events” is
Measurable – How will you know when you have achieved your outcome? Decide now how you will measure your success, by doing this you will also be able to notice your improvement. Top Tip. Review your progress and CELEBRATE your successes on the way, why wait to the end to feel good? Feel good, energised, fulfilled and motivated along the way.
Achievable – we want you to succeed, so checking that the objective you have set is attainable is important, it is at this point consideration should be given to what support you may need, so in the playing Badminton example getting a book on the rules, buying or hiring equipment , being taught, etc. A good question to ask yourself is who else has done this already?
Realistic – Is the outcome realistic for you? It may be that it is and there are measurable building blocks that will support you achieving the outcome. An example of this can be seen in the achievement of successfully selling your businesses products into the market place and being able to cope with the demand, meeting delivery targets and deadlines of your customers. In order to do this there are various other objectives that need to achieved, manufacturing, purchasing, storage and distribution, marketing, pricing, customer care and relationship etc.

Timely- Having a timescale to achievement is important it firstly tests our level of commitment and enthusiasm, furthermore it ensures action and achievement.

Stick to these fundamental principles and you are sure to achieve what you want in your business life and personal life to.