• Working To Get The Right People In The Right Place

Assessment Centres

We work with businesses when they want to recruit talented people for key roles. They need assessment processes to identify candidates that really suit their businesses. They may be looking for –

  • People who identify strongly with their brand values
  • Managers who can successfully work across country cultures
  • Talented people who can take advantage of new markets and products
  • People who will identify problems and quickly sort things out

We design assessment processes that identify the best candidate for the job. It goes further than just a psychometric profile. We will identify talent, fit and potential for the role within the context of what is needed in your business.

Talk to us when

  • You know what you need but don’t know how to test for it
  • You need to assess someone quickly and don’t have the resource available
  • You want clear, impartial assessment of your short-listed candidates

You will be confident that you fully understand the person you take on, so that they won’t give you any surprises and that you mitigate the risk of making the wrong selection decision.


Development Centres

Where appropriate and possible, good practice is to provide feedback to each candidate in order that they can incorporate the feedback into their own Personal Development Plan.

Development centres are constructed again using multiple assessment processes to provide each candidate/participant the opportunity to display particular behaviours and attributes required for them to be successful in a role. They may also include the use of 360 feedback and or personality psychometric tools.

The purpose of a Development Centre is in identifying and assessing the candidates’ current strengths and areas for potential development, providing quality feedback so as to raise the candidate’s awareness and provide a basis for the selection of appropriate development exercises, training & experiences.

Reveal Solutions provide a full range of Assessment and Development centre design & delivery services, from competency matrix design, exercise design, provision of psychometric testing and assessor training.