NLP and personal development as a leader

Undertaking 2 NLP  courses has been instrumental in my development as a leader.

Having been on many courses throughout my career it was an off the cuff remark by a third party that changed my life forever.

I think you would benefit from going on an NLP course, they said. NLP what is all that about was my response at the time. Let’s just say that it may give you the insight into how you do being you! Wow I was intrigued, and at the time life seemed to be doing to me rather than me creating what I wanted the future to be, that’s if I even had a clue what that was!

NLP Pocket Book

NLP Pocket Book

NLP or it’s official title Neuro Linguistic Programming isn’t the most appealing titles and may even conjure up some scientism, that’s fine for now. The interesting thing is there is no user manual for us and most people are blissfully unaware, how we, at an unconscious level direct the outcomes in our lives. Interesting eh. Especially when your leading people and don’t know how you are leading yourself!

My journey started with an practitioner course, where my awareness of internal and external sensory acuity was increased, my noticing of the language patterns I was and others were using and how I could have more influence over outcomes not just for myself but for others and mutually beneficial ones at that. I relished at discovering the limiting beliefs that I had, and prior to the course were not even aware of. Of course there were many, many more learnings and experiences that were hugely beneficial and continue to be so to this day.

The NLP pocket book is available here

So if your managing, leading a team, looking after people and what to even more effective in what you do, I strongly advice accelerating your personal growth with an Practitioner course. After all when we grow as a person we grow as a leader.

More information on Practitioner training can be found here

Details of the NLP Conference in London can be found here

Reb Veale Master Trainer

Dynamic Learning At Work

With Pokémon Go becoming such an overnight success around the world, the thought crossed my mind as to the use of this technology in training. I was reading an article the other week that mentioned “touch points” According to Wikipedia, the definition of a touchpoint is: Touchpoint (also touch point, contact point, point of contact) is business jargon for any encounter where customers and business engage to exchange information, provide service, or handle transactions. The importance of an effective touch point cannot be underestimated; it drives engagement, stimulates motivation and holds interest. Just what we want to happen, too make a training intervention work well.

For those who have yet to come this blend of real world and virtual world this is how the technology works  “In simple terms, Pokémon Go uses your phone’s GPS and clock to detect where and when you are in the game and make Pokémon “appear’ around you (on your phone screen) so you can go and catch them,” writes German Lopez of Vox,

Pokémon Go is essentially a scavenger hunt or treasure hunt game. Instructional designers have used scavenger hunt activities and exercises for years. Now they can create a scavenger hunt within an augmented reality game based on the business environment. writes Franz Villa

By using smart phone or tablets to detect tokens that are positioned in the real business world where learning, training or raising of awareness are required or desired, these tokens are linked to the business LMS allowing different types of training and learning to take place and be accessed, the gaming aspect can be incorporated to earn additional tools or collect awards etc.

There is potentially no limit to what can be achieved using this technology and certainly moves online learning into a new, dynamic and exciting era.