mBIT Coach Certification Training 2018

mBIT Coach Certification Training 2018

You may still have your summer holiday to come, or maybe you have just got back. Either way it’s time to think about 2018 and we have a treat instore for you!

What are you going to do for your personal development in 2018?

What if we told you, that you can have 7 nights in a traditional luxury Riad in the Medina of Essaouria inc breakfast and 4 days training to become a certified mBIT coach during your stay, is that something that would interest you?

We are bringing several different elements together to give you the experience and training of a lifetime. We are going to come together for a week in the beautiful Moroccan coastal port of Essaouira where the average temperature for April is 20 degrees with an average of 27 days of sun.

You will enjoy 4 days of training with 3 mBIT Trainers in air conditioned facilities. Where finishing at around 5pm each day you will have the rest of the time to yourself, maybe to enjoy a walk on the 9 miles of golden sand that stretches along the coast to the south, or maybe to have a quiet drink at one of the many cafe’s and then onto dinner at a local restaurant.

We may even do a guided meditation on the beach!


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How do you eat an elephant?

one-bite-at-a-timeMany have probably heard this one before, and in fact, we often refer to it when working with clients that are indicating they are in overwhelm, or are experiencing procrastination.

Faced with a job well overdue, over the Christmas and New Year break, I found myself standing in our lovely well-proportioned greenhouse, gazing at the final remnants of dead plants killed off by the sub-zero overnight temperatures, the masses of cobwebs and virtually translucent glass covered in that horrible green algae, splash marks from watering and the occasional stuck dead leaf. On top of that, there were the masses of pots, trays, spent compost and tied-in canes that we had used to train peppers, cucumbers and chillies up, in those exciting late Spring and early Summer months. WOW…where to begin?

A cup of tea! Ever noticed how a cup of tea provides that space to think and plan? So with gardening clothes on, including a nice warm fleece, soft slippers exchanged for those cold wellie boots that have been in the garage since I last put them on in the early autumn, I had reached a decision.  ‘Today’, I heard myself say to myself, ‘I will just cut and clear all the plants to the compost bin’.

Isn’t it funny how, once you have started, you just get on with it! Soon the whole space looked so much better; progress could definitely be seen. Recognising that my personality type enjoys others also noticing what has been achieved (external confirmation – I find it gives me further impetus); I am energised when my wife delivers a WOW that is so much better already.  The 2nd cup of tea also helps of course.

‘Well what is going to be phase 2? And, well let’s just get that done today’,  I hear myself saying in the privacy of my own head.  Before long, the far gable end had been washed down and stood out as being  ‘as good as new’.

Over the next 3 days, different phases of the cleaning were completed, resulting in us being ready for the new season in a positively ‘shipshape and Bristol fashion’

Allow time for planning and thought.

Break the task into manageable pieces

Stand back and recognise achievement along the way

Be proud and energised by compliments and praise from others

Encourage others with positive reinforcements

17 Days and counting

mBraining Training. Just 17 days before we go back to school!

Did you know that we have multiple brains? the one we all know about our head brain, the second we may have heard about our Heart brain and the third our Gut brain.

Most of us will have been aware at some time of feelings or feedback from our heart and guts, you know when our heart has been telling us one thing and our head something else! Ye there you go, communication from two of our multiple brains.

I bet you will have said at some point in your life ‘ i have a gut feeling about this…..’ Another brain at work!

But what if you could be more effective at communicating with these other brains? Why not use multiple intelligence’s? It seems rude not too. After all if there there it would be a bit daft not too wouldn’t it?

Wisdom as they say comes from multiple perspectives, so if you would like a bit of that get yourself back to school in 17 days time.

mBIT (multiple brain integration technique) i know a bit of a handful but we won’t kill you, we will just help you to open up your world amazingly, change your life, teach you how to make better decisions for yourself and well, as they say ‘the world really will be your oyster’

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See you there for 4 days of amazing fun or as we say awesoming cos it’s always happening


Successfully Appraising Staff

Most organizations have some form of appraisal system.

For the manager the annual appraisal can be reasonably testing, there can be pressure from HR to meet the deadlines and produce individual reports for all the team members and there is the time it takes as well as doing the day job.

However there is a quality opportunity here. Get it right and it can be the process that unlocks potential, discovers talent, increases creativity and employee engagement. It never ceases to amaze me the skills and experience people have and use outside of the workplace, only to find that they are missed, never explores or simply ignored by their boss.

Whatever business we are in we are in the people business‘ never a truer word spoken, people are our greatest asset, how many times have you heard that said? The reality is though many managers and organizations focus on the process and measure the results!

People do not come to work to do a bad job‘ yet we have all gone to work and got something wrong occasionally, sometimes with fairly large consequences. The fact is we didn’t do it intentionally or deliberately, we just messed up a little.

So back to the appraisal process, we are passionate about people development, we are also passionate about supporting people & organizations  in achieving the best that they can be. We know that happy people perform well and we know that discretionary effort is released when people feel valued. So lets get appraising our people and doing it successfully.

If you would like a little support in that, why not have a look at our latest product, it’s the first in a series of courses in a box, ready made workshops that you can deliver in your workplace, all the materials you need including an explicit trainer guide to support you in your delivery.

Successfully Appraising  Staff

  • Delegate handbook
  • Trainer guide
  • PowerPoint presentation
  • Successful Appraisal Coaching cards

To find out more follow this link http://tinyurl.com/ydzbajga



Dynamic Learning At Work

With Pokémon Go becoming such an overnight success around the world, the thought crossed my mind as to the use of this technology in training. I was reading an article the other week that mentioned “touch points” According to Wikipedia, the definition of a touchpoint is: Touchpoint (also touch point, contact point, point of contact) is business jargon for any encounter where customers and business engage to exchange information, provide service, or handle transactions. The importance of an effective touch point cannot be underestimated; it drives engagement, stimulates motivation and holds interest. Just what we want to happen, too make a training intervention work well.

For those who have yet to come this blend of real world and virtual world this is how the technology works  “In simple terms, Pokémon Go uses your phone’s GPS and clock to detect where and when you are in the game and make Pokémon “appear’ around you (on your phone screen) so you can go and catch them,” writes German Lopez of Vox,

Pokémon Go is essentially a scavenger hunt or treasure hunt game. Instructional designers have used scavenger hunt activities and exercises for years. Now they can create a scavenger hunt within an augmented reality game based on the business environment. writes Franz Villa https://www.linkedin.com/in/franzvilla

By using smart phone or tablets to detect tokens that are positioned in the real business world where learning, training or raising of awareness are required or desired, these tokens are linked to the business LMS allowing different types of training and learning to take place and be accessed, the gaming aspect can be incorporated to earn additional tools or collect awards etc.

There is potentially no limit to what can be achieved using this technology and certainly moves online learning into a new, dynamic and exciting era.

Our New Website

Launches 19th April 2016

Please take a look at the new site, it will come online during Tuesday 16th April.

All new design that sets out clearly our mBIT, NLP trainings, Business Solutions, product ranges and also offers 4 New quizzes

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Christmas Time Mistletoe and Wine

How quickly we find ourselves at this time of the year once more. Xmas decs up in the office, parties and get togethers to celebrate and have festive fun.
It is the one time of the year that people come together and I can’t help to notice that people actually engage in more conversation, finding out more about those that they work with and spend time getting to know others that they see about, but maybe have the briefest of conversations with while at work.
We are in the people business, and while virtually every manager I have ever known acknowledges that people are our biggest asset when we talk specifically about employee engagement, satisfaction at work, productivity etc. many lose sight of this important fact and can get fixated on KPI’s, KRA’s, SLA’s etc. back in the workplace.

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Why Flexibility is the key in building and maintaining relationships

Last week, we were in France following Gloucester in their European Challenge Cup match with La Rochelle. It’s a great social occasion and an opportunity to strike up new friendships with both fellow Gloucester supporters and French citizens alike. This, of course, came in the wake of the atrocious Paris terrorist attacks and meant that we all stood for a minute silence before the game and then all sang the Marseillaise.
What was so humbling, was the response from the French citizens, pats on our backs, handshakes and deeply meant thanks from those around us, for coming together and demonstrating our flexibility to learn and to sing their anthem. Apart from it being the most natural and obvious thing to do, it led to broken French and pigeon English conversations at half time, the dance of rapport was in place. Later in the bars and restaurants, many more would use all their best efforts to understand, challenge or agree points of view regarding the match, often with very limited understanding of each other’s language.
In a bar, my wife (who, it has to be said, claims not to speak fluent French, but is definitely more than competent at getting the grammar correct) enjoys a conversation with an elderly gentleman regarding the smell of wild herbs in the air in the hills of Provence, and with a chink of their glasses and the consumption of a little wine, they acknowledge each other’s appreciation of this great experience.

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Leadership of a Country

Whilst many of us have wrestled and struggled with the intricacies of leading teams through change, there surely can be no greater challenge than to lead a country. Whilst government is generally elected by the people on a mandate usually laid out in an election manifesto, the complexity of turning those visions and commitments into action and delivering them before the electoral cycle starts again has been the Achilles heel of many an elected government.
So refreshing it is to see a different approach being taken by Wales. In April 2016 The Wellbeing Of Future Generations Act 2015 is enacted and I thought it would be useful to look at what this act is designed to do, how it will affect every public body in Wales in the way that they work and how the citizens of Wales will benefit.
Leadership is never easy, it requires many skills and has many attributes, most have been written about by a great number of people, yet it is in the mechanics of organisations, the behaviours, the culture started and maintained by those in it that provide the biggest challenge to change. When we look at leading a country there are so many public services and bodies, partners and stakeholders that make up the infrastructure to a country, to influence and direct cultural change becomes more challenging.

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Putting the Customer at the centre of everything we do

In a week that has again seen VW in the news for further irregularities with its cars’ emissions and Thomas Cook coming under heavy criticism for their handling of the deaths of two young children from carbon monoxide poisoning while on a Thomas Cook holiday, this is a good time to think about the focus of our businesses.
No one is denying that a business should make a profit, in fact without sustainable profitability; there can be no long term security of employment, confidence from potential customers that the business is strong enough to deliver goods and services, conduct research and development, honour warranties and long term commitments to contracts. However, if the primary purpose is making money and the focus of the business is solely directed towards achieving management targets and goals, there are likely to be problems ahead.
Having worked in the retail industry for a number of years, I can’t help bringing another example into the debate, that of Tesco. For well over a decade, the march of this retail giant seemed unstoppable. First they developed the very large out of town sites with thousands of additional lines, bigger pack sizes & expanded non-food sales, then came the in-fill stores, lots of them mainly on former petrol stations and then closed pubs, efficient merchandising and self-serve checkouts. The foreign operations were expanded and eventually the lure of the US became a jewel to have in the crown. All good, I hear many saying, but then why did the customer leave them in droves, why did they become a ‘Marmite’ company? Like the two other examples earlier, could it be because they became too wrapped up in what was best for them and that their focus had been on the achievement of the goals which they had set themselves and not serving the customer! They stopped putting the customer at the centre of everything that they do? The desire to be bigger better, more successful became the culture.

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