Doing The Right Thing

How refreshing it is to be around people who do the right thing!
I have experienced several instances of this lately and seen some reported, so thought it would be a good subject both to challenge ourselves, our businesses and the organisations for whom we may work.
Last week the BBC screened the second of two DIY S.O.S television programmes where they had undertaken to not just to improve one home for a single family, but a whole street in Manchester to turn run-down properties into homes for ex-service personnel. Tradesman, suppliers, and individuals arrived on site in order to make it happen, willing simply to do what they could do and even whole families; because it was the right thing to do. As businesses, we have the opportunity to become involved in projects where there is no financial incentive, where our efforts will be hugely beneficial to the project and where the visibility of our efforts will or may never really be seen by a broader audience. We have the opportunity to do things because it’s the right thing to do. We know when it’s right, not because we have to think it through; we just instinctively know, we feel something that chimes with our values, it makes a connection with our heart and our gut feeling commits us to take some action.

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Patience is a virtue

This week we received a broadband hub upgrade, twice as fast as the previous unit, delivering 200mb speed. Impressive as that may sound, it crystallised my thinking on the speed in which we live our day-to-day lives. Outside, the traffic starts earlier and earlier, the speed at which people drive down the road certainly increases in the peak periods, as people hurry to get to work and mothers (no doubt balancing the multiple roles of mother, employee, partner, etc.) rush to get the kids to school or drop-off point before getting into work on time and then to get to the shop, pick the kids up, and maybe go onto another job later in the afternoon.
I see this same rushing to complete, multiple meeting days, pressure to make instant decisions and quick analysis of results in the working environment on a regular basis. The other week I saw a post from a senior police officer on Twitter “Reminded of the need to create time to stop and think and allow others that time too. It leads to better decision making”. So I am interested to explore if the deadlines and expectations that we seem to be treating as givens or even as rules are both beneficial and supportive to a) good decision making and b) wellbeing. The answer, I fear, may well be not!

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Is There Life On Mars

Man’s fascination with trying to find life on other planets continues, following the latest satellite images, scientists have for the first time confirmed liquid water flowing on the surface of present-day Mars, a finding that will add to speculation that life, if it ever arose there, could persist.
So roll on the clock say a few thousand years from now and I wonder what life from another time dimension, coming across planet earth may find? And if we are no longer in existence what legacy we leave behind? Will these visitors, if it is to be believed we cannot be the only form of civilisation in existence, be able to piece together not only how we evolved, but understand our purpose?

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Could Our Driving Behaviours Reflect Our Values

I was wondering as I drove down the M5 the other day, why there are so many accidents on the roads? This was prompted as I watched a few other motorists complete manoeuvres that seemed, at best, risky and resulted in cars around them having to alter their course or speed in response.
Then I was sat in the hotel the other night reading a newspaper and spotted an article about road traffic accidents in the UK and contributing factors, this report highlighted the increase of accidents related to the use of electronic devices while driving!
My instinct tells me that whilst driving for most people is an unconsciously competent act, the decisions that they are taking whilst behind the wheel, are almost certainly honouring their inner Values, after all; our behaviours always align with the values we hold, whether conscious or more likely, unconscious.

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Employee Engagement Part 4

In the first instalment of this blog on employee engagement we took an extract from a recent employee engagement survey conducted by Changeboard in partnership with Oracle. The results are real food for thought, leading us to the question, what can we do about it? Each week we will look at the major blockers to employee engagement, with solutions that will lead to great improvements when implemented.

Over a quarter of those employees, 27% in the survey, reported they perceived a lack of voice in the organisation in which they work. That’s huge non-engagement within a workforce. If over a quarter of your employees felt their views weren’t worth putting across; how much missed opportunity for correcting recurring mistakes, or innovative solutions are being missed and that’s just stating two obvious ones. The interesting point here is it’s a perception and perceptions can be changed, that’s the good news. But how could this perception come about in the first place? Could it be because there is a lack of communication between management and employees? Could it be there is a ‘tell and do’ culture not ‘challenge and involve’? It could be for a number of reasons, all primarily centred upon a lack of two-way communication and a willingness to demonstrate a belief that employees often have answers to recurring issues and challenges they face and are not constrained by known imposed barriers in their thinking, unlike some management.
What we can do is help start the engagement process through listening groups, compile common themes and threads to help leaders understand a different perspective, start action learning sets composed of diverse groups from around the organisation in order to generate solutions and to bring the organisation closer together. We can influence leaders to implement employee involvement schemes like encouraging attendance at various meetings in order to broaden their knowledge of the business, back-to-the-floor sessions for managers to reconnect with the day to day running of the business and experience for themselves the outcomes of their decision making.

Reveal Solutions are Leadership and Management Development specialists, designing and delivering bespoke learning interventions that improve employee performance, wellbeing and engagement.

mBIT Coach Certification (mBraining)

Reveal Solutions are pleased to announce dates for the 2015 mBIT Coach Certification.
These will be May 14th – 17th in Gloucester
This course will be delivered by Reb Veale mBIT Trainer who was qualified by Grant Soosalu co-developer of mBraining, Wilbert Molinaar & Suzanne Henwood mBIT Master Trainers.
The breakthroughs achieved through the alignment of our multiple brains; head, heart and gut, are profound, with improvements in relationships, leadership qualities, rediscovered sense of purpose and increased motivation for change amongst results reported by coachees.
If you’re already coaching this is a fantastic addition to your coaching skills. You may be interested in personal development and fulfillment in life, if so this course is also for you.
Get in contact by e mail
or by phone to Reb on 07790885086 or Mark 07968 102578 for more info and to book onto this course

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