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The BIFF feedback model is one of the most effective and easily remembered models.

Applied correctly it facilitates great change in behaviours; therefore it is useful in many contexts, from children to friends to work colleagues and staff.

Here we have formatted the model into an easily foldable aide memoir that is credit card sized and therefore fits well into wallets and purses.

The file is secured and allows for printing but not altering. You may need to trim the edges. We ask that if you require further copies for use in say courses, or for groups of clients, please order pre printed versions from the shop. We have ensured that these are available at a very reasonable cost to promote widespread use.

We have many further products under development that will great tools available to you, whether you are a training professional or on a personal development journey, we have both products and courses to support you.

Instructions on use

The model works providing all 4 sections are followed through.

Here is an example:

John has just come out of a meeting where Paul lost his temper at another colleague.

John: ‘Paul in the meeting I saw you bang your hand on the table hard and heard you raise your voice at Mary when she disagreed with your conclusion’ John is stating the behaviour he has witnessed.

John: ‘This made all those in the room sit back and I for one was shocked at the suddenness of your change of mood and actions. Mary also looked stunned and I noticed here colour up very quickly’. John is clearly stating the impact the behaviour has had on others.

John: ‘Your actions made me as your line manager embarrassed and quite angry that you became aggressive toward Mary.’ John is telling Paul how he feels as a result of Paul’s actions.

John: ‘In future I want you to be aware of your feelings and to take some time, maybe count to 10 in your head, before you respond to a challenge like that. Recognise that the challenge is to the conclusion and not to you personally. John is stating how he would like Paul to behave in the future in a positive way.

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