Developing Emotional Intelligence Cards

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The great news is that we can all develop our emotional intelligence and the higher your own EQ; the more you encourage and elicit emotionally intelligent responses and behaviour in those around you – a real win-win situation.
• 48 coaching questions arranged in 4 colour suits to correspond to Dan Golemans EQ model
• 4 information cards 1 for each EQ domains
• Illustrative card to demonstrate the relationship between the 4 domains
Used in many organisations already, the developing emotional intelligence coaching cards are a powerful tool to encourage reflection and discussion of both our understanding of self and impact on others.


Why buy these Developing Emotional Intelligence cards?

Watch this introduction and see how these cards will support the inprovement of your Emotional Intelligence!


What is emotional Intelligence?
Emotional Intelligence sometimes referred to as EQ, is the biggest defining quality in leadership, the ability to understand emotions in both self and others, whilst managing your own and being flexible in the management of relationships with others. We get things done through and with people willingly not by forcing or directing all the time.
Often we see the use of an EQ test or emotional intelligence test as part of leadership courses, the great news is EQ is developable, first we need to understand what our level of emotional intelligence actually is, of course we only get a true picture if we answer the questions honestly and not aspirationally, then we can embark on developing ourselves.
Daniel Goleman emotional intelligence was the book back in 1996 that brought EQ to a broader audience and the concept of managing others changed, management courses started to include EQ and the subject became mainstream recognised in CIPD ILM & CMI accredited training courses. Indeed it still proves popular being one of best self-help books published.
We hope that you find these pack of cards useful in helping you develop your leadership skills or maybe you are a training and development specialist looking for a training resource to use in courses.

At last! A simple way for me to have conversations with managers about their emotional intelligence!” Jill H, Independent Management Consultant

These are great – my team loves using them together to help each other get more skilled at having those previously ‘awkward’ conversations.  Their ability and readiness to respond to staff in a different way has already changed noticeably.  Fantastic product that all leaders and managers should get.” David D, Operations Director

What’s New:

    • 48 cards arranged in 4 coloured suits to correspond to the Emotional Intelligence model.
    • 4 summary cards unique to this product range.
    • 3 set up and suggested uses cards to get you started.
    • A unique emotional intelligence matrix direction picture card to illustrate the EQ journey.
    • Pocket-sized deck in a protective case to go everywhere with you


Buy with confidence. to develop your own EQ, to use with your team or to use as a training aid on workshops and courses to support leaders’ and managers’ development.

Now in their 8th reprint with hundreds of satisfied customers in over 27 countries.



2 reviews for Developing Emotional Intelligence Cards

  1. Sylvia

    Excellent set of cards for those clients who like to use tools as a prompt and wish to discuss emotional issues. May act as an introduction for those who avoid emotional aspects of coaching. SB

  2. Stuart (verified owner)

    An excellent and well researched resource. These cards expand on your choice to have deep and enlightening sessions with clients that find it difficult to open up, be honest with themselves and be honest with others.

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