Liberating the leader within womens retreat


Womend leaders retreat
For women who are ready to do whatever it takes to take the step change they want, so they can serve in the world even more effectively.


A weekend retreat with Suzanne Henwood and Reb Veale not to be missed!

Are you a strong woman who wants to do even more in the world? Do you get frustrated at things that get in the way, rules and structures that prevent, rather than support you to make positive change? Do you feel you are held back, or that you have never reached your full potential – but maybe cannot put your finger on what is holding you back?

Suzanne and Reb have designed this retreat weekend just for you. ‘Me?’, you ask. Yes…You!
If you:
– are strong and capable,
– want to do even more in the world,
– are ready to explore yourself deeply and honestly and
– willing to do what it takes to step up to another level.

There are ONLY 12 places. We have had women waiting for the details to be released, so we know those places are going to book really quickly. We wanted to open up the opportunity and trust that the right people will show up. People who are ready to do whatever it takes to take the step change they want, so they can serve in the world even more effectively. So no early birds, no gimmicks, just one great value investment to support you on a journey to liberate your inner leader.

This is not just a weekend away where we can grow, have fun, be challenged and come up with a plan for our futures (and it will be all of that). This is just the start of a commitment to your own growth and evolution. Commitment from you and commitment from us. The course investment includes everything you need for the weekend, accommodation, lunches, teaching, support and space to be you. And, it also covers ongoing support through three group virtual meet ups at two, four and six months after the retreat. We are serious about journeying with you and supporting you through the process of stepping up.

On top of all of that, as a participant of the course, you will be invited to a private Facebook group supporting amazing women like you globally. An exceptional support and network opportunity, which will grow over time as other events occur where we can invite other amazing, powerful women who learn and train with us. And that is forever….that is our commitment to you, to keep supporting you as long as we are able….with expert facilitators who will stay involved in that group, offer ongoing teaching and development and who will also learn from you and with you. We want to create a global on line community of amazing women who are ready to make a real difference in the world now.

So, does this resonate with you? Are you already wondering how you can make it possible to join us? Then don’t delay. These places will be gone very quickly and we want you to be with us if this is calling to you. Are you ready to have the courage to say “I don’t necessarily feel ready, I am not sure if I am enough, but I know I want to be part of this venture?” If you are we want to hear from you. ( And if you are saying inside “oh that can’t be for me, I am not a leader”… you are exactly who this is for!)

And we are already lining up even more value….we will be inviting a special guest facilitator to join us and work with us and as soon as that person has confirmed we can let you know all that detail too.

We are serious about taking you on a journey to find the real you, the you behind and beneath all that society has said you should be, the you behind the masks …the you that is more than enough and waiting to be liberated. How do we know she is there? Because we have been privileged to go have been on a similar journey of discovery and know how powerful it is to step into your highest wisest Self. And we want to offer that opportunity to others, knowing what impact it has had on us. Are we at the end of the journey? No way!…but we have been learning and training in multiple approaches for many years to save you having to go and find all these techniques for yourself. We have literally joined arms round the planet to bring together what we believe is a powerful set of tools to challenge, uplift, grow, encourage, nurture, love and generally wow you into stepping into the person you want to be.

If this makes you tingle, if this makes your heart race…if you want to get on board with us, come join us! Let us take you on a journey, arm in arm, heart to heart, so together we can create positive change in the world.

You can book your place right now add to basket complete your purchase and Reb will be in touch via email within 24hrs. If you have further questions email or call Reb on 07790 885086


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