MBTI Download Quadrants Lens and Change


How can understanding MBTI help in change


A conversational production on the Myers Briggs Type Inventory (MBTI) between Reb Veale & Nigel Bleach. This MP3 covers the discussion on type by quadrants lens and change.
Although this is the least researched way of dividing up and comparing personality type; the MBTI quadrants offer an insight and possible solutions for issues surrounding how change is experienced and managed, culture or learning environments.
Reb & Nigels discussion of the IS, ES, IN & EN quadrants explores the natural creative tensions that may be present and how to leverage these for success, or at least to understand them.
There are 5 other individual MP3 sessions in the series or you can purchase the full 6 sessions as a double CD entitled About Your 16 Room Mansion for £14.99
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