mNLP Deep Dive


In this 3-day training you will LEARN to DEEP dive into your intuitive WISDOM as an mNLP-er… Do you ever get out of your depth with NLP? What TECHNIQUES to use with what client… What to do when something isn’t working… Have you been treading water for a while, looking for what’s NEXT? Ready to take the plunge into something DEEPER, something that brings the latest neuroscience ALIVE!



What you will learn:

  • More refined skills and distinctions on working with deeper integration of the multiple brains. You will learn how to work with the heart, gut and ANS as ‘brains’ or adaptive intelligences – their prime functions, core competencies and highest expressions and how this applies to NLP.
  • Deep dive into science underpinning mBIT and NLP and what emerges when you combine and apply mBraining to NLP.
  • Simplify transformation and move beyond techniques to mastery, gaining even deeper transformation
  • Learn to deal exquisitely with complex clients and situations as you learn to embody your own wisdom
  • Discover a place where the neurolinguistics of deep intuition connects you with knowing what to do and when.
  • Going beyond human excellence and into bringing the human spirit alive using mNLP for yourself and other

Pre-requisite – Participants who have done an NLP Practitioners, Master Practitioners or Diploma of NLP

This is what you will get at this training:

  • Calibrating the multiple brains and poly-vagal state
  • Deeper ways of building rapport via presence -ing and biological entrainment
  • Updated techniques with a deeper knowing on how to tailor them to individual neurology
  • Refined metamodel language skills to communicate with the multiple brains
  • How to integrate learnings at a deep gut identity level for self and others
  • How to work with even deeper ecology and congruence possibilities
  • And much much more!

Ready for creating an experience for yourself and your clients that allows wiser, deeper authentic living at the highest level of their being… with Grant Soosalu, Suzanne Henwood, Reb Veale & Wilbert Molenaar

Grant Soosalu

mBIT Founder/Master Trainer. Grant is the original co-developer of mBIT and a highly sought after international leadership consultant, trainer and writer with backgrounds and expertise in Leadership, Coaching, Psychology, NLP, Behavioral Modeling and Applied Physics. He has advanced degrees and certifications in Psychology, Positive Psychology, Applied Physics and System Development. He has achieved Master Practitioner Certification in the behavioral sciences of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Advanced Behavioral Modeling.

Suzanne Henwood

Is an NLP Trainer, an mBIT Master Trainer and Master Coach. Suzanne has a background primarily in Academia and Health Care and specializes in deep transformational change work. She is a sought after coach and speaker and has authored numerous texts. She has a special interest in research, leadership, communication and personal excellence and works with to awaken, empower and evolve individuals to achieve success. She is an active member of ANLP where she edits the international peer reviewed journal , is the series editor for Research in Rapport Magazine and for whom she Organizes and Chairs the NLP Research Conference.

Wilbert Molenaar

He is a Master Trainer of NLP, a Professional Certified Coach, an mBIT Certified Master Trainer & Coach. Wilbert is a highly sought after coach, trainer, mentor and facilitator. Wilbert has been an expert lecturer at the University of Derby Corporate UK where he taught the face to face units in the MA of Applied Coaching in The Netherlands for the last 5 years . Wilbert is a fellow member trainer of the International Association of NLP (IANLP).

Reb Veale

Is an INLPTA NLP Master Trainer, an mBIT Trainer and one of the first mBIT Master Coaches to be certified. As a business psychologist, Reb works in leadership development, the impact of coaching on individuals and organisational culture and also runs public NLP and mBIT trainings globally. With commercial management experience gained in the retail sector and a long career in HR and Learning and Development, she is passionate about assisting clients flexibly to design and deliver trainings that fully meet their needs. A coach and coach supervisor, she supports clients to reveal their own solutions and resources to achieve their goals and has substantial experience working with senior executives and teams.


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