Pip Stress Management (White)


The Pip is a Bluetooth enabled biofeedback device held between the thumb and forefinger that measures Electrodermal activity (EDA) in the skin.



The Pip teaches you how to manage your Stress better. It allows you to see your current levels, connecting your emotions with engaging apps, teaching you not only how to recognize it, but to know a life without it, being calm and looking after your wellbeing.

The Pip comes with a selection of engaging Apps each integrated with My Pip – your cloud platform for better living. Each of the apps have been created to help you de-stress, refocus and learn better stress manage techniques. Using your device, log onto either the google play store or the Apple App store.

You have currently 5 apps to choose from. For those wanting to explore mindfulness, Four Steps to Mindfulness is a mindfulness-based brain training programme developed by Dr Jeffrey Schwartz. Powered by The PIP, this program will teach you how to use mindfulness in everyday life. 4 steps to mindfulness

PIP Stress Tracker is your personal stress management tracker. Record stress levels with the in-built recording session. This helpful app lets you track and analyse stress levels with easy-to-read charts and graphs and helps you achieve greater depths of relaxation.

Relax & Race – where victory is achieved only by out-relaxing your opponent. Competing normally increases stress levels. In Relax & Race you must discover how to override this feeling and learn not only to reduce stress, but do so in a competitive environment. Win by being calm.

Clarity makes meditation simple. Using short relaxation exercises, Clarity will help you improve your focus and bring some calm into your busy life.

The Loom uses powers of relaxation to turn winter into summer. As you de-stress, the landscape responds to reflect your inner calmness – snow and ice thaw, leaves begin to shoot and flowers bloom.

Each Pip comes with a simple 1 page 5 step getting started instruction guide that will set you up on the next stage of your personal development


iOS: iPhone 4 and up; iPad 3 and up (including iPad mini)

Android:Devices running Android Jelly Bean (4.1) or higher


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