Staff Appraisal ready to run course


Off the shelf, course/workshop on ‘Successfully Appraising Staff’



This bundled product is for a 1 day workshop to help managers conduct a staff appraisal & appraise staff more effectively

By the end of the workshop participants will be able to:

 Recognise various appraisal opportunities in the workplace

  • Plan for a successful appraisal meeting
  • Know the importance of gathering and presenting evidence
  • Be able to use questioning skills to elicit employee engagement during the appraisal
  • Be able to challenge un useful behaviours
  • Deliver quality feedback to individuals and teams

It has been designed to be easily delivered with comprehensive guidance notes in the trainer guide including all the page  links back to the delegate handbook, suggested timings background information etc.

The bundle consists of 4 elements

  1. The 21 page delegate handbook in pdf format, for the course, it contains everything that the delegate will need and includes spaces for them to write their answers from exercises during the day, reproduction of the slides that will be used & information on subjects covered. The structure of the workshop builds understanding of basic principles introduces the delegate to key principles, provides then with support in the form of the Successful Appraisal Coaching Cards that they can use over and over again.
  2. The 40 page Trainer guide follows the flow of the delegate handbook but contains additional information and instructions for the trainer. All the slides form the PowerPoint presentation are replicated and numbered ensuring the trainer will know which to show and when. Timings are given as guidance. There are two scenarios provided for the practice sessions in the afternoon as well as an evaluation template specific to the workshop.
  3. An 18 slide PowerPoint presentation to support learning and provide structure to the day
  4. Revealmore Successful Appraisal Coaching cards, you will need to order the appropriate quantity for the workshop you are planning running we recommend that each delegate has a pack to use and take away with them to use in the workplace (for orders over 20 units please contact us direct and we will supply you with a 10% discount



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