Ultimate Coaching Toolkit



The Ultimate Coaching Toolkit contains 8 sets of cards.
GROW coaching model cards, 3 decks Introduction, Intermediate and Advanced 120 different questions each card with explanation of what the question achieves and a further tip to enhance your coaching effectiveness.

Developing Emotional Intelliegence deck, so that you can support your coachee in their understanding of what EI is, connect with their emotions and learn how to both control and utilise them more effectively.

Successful Appraisal deck. Probably the most feared and often loathed part of performance management, these cards set out in 7 sections great questions hints and tips for both managers and employees to use. We all want enthusiastic and engaged employees who are contributing both to the businesses success and to their own development. An essential product in the coaching toolkit

Values and strength decks. When we know what is important to us, we can choose work that honours those values, avoid getting into relationships that are draining and feel we are in flow. Combine that with knowing what we are good at, our strengths and we have a recipe for increased happiness, rewarding outcomes and success.

Resillience card deck. Life is full of unexpected and sometimes unwanted events that test our resillience, the good news is, there are many ways develop resilience, recognise when our resillience levels are low or challenged. This card deck along with the other 7 in the Ultimate coaching toolkit provide a rich and diverse set of questions, hints, tips tasks and challenges.


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