Values Coaching Cards Bundle


Two excellent sets of coaching cards, to support a coaches development using the GROW coaching model and Values cards that support a person through their values exploration.


We are offering this Values Coaching bundle as a great opportunity to add to your coaching tool kit or just to have for yourself, included are the Reveal Solutions Introduction to the GROW coaching model coaching cards and Monkswood Associates Value Card set.

Whether you are managing people, are a life coach already, are just beginning your coaching journey at work, are bringing up children, coaching sports, or running clubs; these cards provide an easily accessible way of using the GROW coaching model as a framework to get results.

Colour coded for easy reference, each card has a question for you to ask as the coach, the reason for asking the question and a reminder tip at the bottom. All on one card; no more need to have books and notes – the cards free you to enjoy and experience the powerful tool that coaching really is, straight away. Witness real, positive reaction to the questions and see coachees experiencing effective coaching questions that bring results.

Recap cards for each section assist you as the coach to summarise and to clarify, without misinterpreting or changing the meaning of what the coachee has said.

Very easy to use, what a step forward. It improved my coaching practice immensely with great results for my coachee” DC, Coach

These Values cards provide you with a quick and easy way to guide a person to find value words that fit their core values (from over 260 words) – and let them choose what those words mean to them. Words that are similar to each other are grouped together on separate cards to help the process of selection.
The cards make it straightforward for you to focus your client and gain new perspectives. They enable you to have deep conversations with ease. The cards give a gentle professional and powerful introduction to you.
The VALUE cards come with an invaluable handbook with background basics on values and ideas on how to use the cards. We also give an open offer to discuss ways of using the cards.
You can easily have them with you wherever you go because they’re small, light and protected – and covers those times when values come up out of the blue.



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