• mBIT & NLP Course Schedules

Coaching Courses in mBIT & Training Courses in NLP throughout the year. Listed below is our 2020/21 schedule. The covid-19 pandemic significantly disrupted the training schedule. Where face to face training is planned we have moved to bigger premisis, where appropriate safety procedures are in place and limited the course numbers to ensure social distancing for your safety. The NLP Diploma and Practitioner trainings are now “Live Virtual” online trainings starting January 2021

Course Schedules

NLP Diploma 4 days INLPTA certifiedVirtual Live course Contact us for dates in 2021 Book Now
NLP Practitioner INLPTA certified 16 daysLive Virtual courseModule 1 Online starting 22nd January 2021
Module 2 Online starting 5th February 2021
Module 3 Online starting 19th February 2021
Module 4 Online starting 5th March 2021
Module 5 Online starting 25th March 2021
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NLP Master Practitioner INLPTA certified 16 days with Reb Veale INLPTA Master Trainer & Mark Deacon INLPTA TrainerGloucesterModule 1 Dates announced shortly
Module 2 Dates announced shortly
Module 3 Dates announced shortly
Module 4 Dates announced shortly
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mBIT coach Certification Training with ICF CCEU's
whats mBraining
Gloucestershire UK25th - 28th February 2021
Sanctus House
1 Olympus Park Business Centre, Quedgeley
Gloucestershire GL2 4DH
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mBIT Coach Certification Training with ICF CCEU'sLjubljana Slovenia 1st mBIT Coach Certifiction Training in this country
Posponed until Spring 2021
Sponsor NLP Centre Maribor
or call 01452 523822 or e mail
Gabor Marolt
INLPTA Trainers Training and Master Trainer Track Venue announced shortlyModule 1 NEW Dates announced shortly
Module 2 NEW Dates announced shortly
Module 3 NEW Dates announced shortly
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Discuss the requirements call 01452 523822 or e mail
Reb Veale
Coaching Qualification
mBIT Coach Certification
Vancouver CanadaDates announced soon 2021 @ Blue Horizon Hotel 1225 Robson St, Vancouver

More Information register your interest call 01452 523822 or e mail
Reb Veale & Mark Deacon
NLP introduction 1dayGloucestermonthly in 2020 Contact us now
mBIT Leadership decision makingGloucestertbc 2020 Register your interest