Ever noticed how what we put out there attacts more of the same!

Mirror neurones at work, it’s why when we are fed up, grumpy or irritable we find and attract others who are feeling and acting in the same way.
How we are, can also inspire, motivate, increase others engagement and create joy.
Authentic leadership comes from the heart, you can’t create it, you have to live it, you have to be at one with yourself. Harmony on the inside first.
We are running a personal development and certified training in mBraining, working with your all your intelligences, Head, Heart and Gut in Gloucester from 30th Sept – 3rd Oct
A practical 4 days where you will deepen your understanding of yourself before using what you have learned to achieve better balance, greater resilience, improved decision making both for yourself and others you work with.
This course is for professionals willing to explore the boundaries of their current leadership, for those who want to really find what has been blocking them achieving their full potential and for coaches who want to further their ability to work transformationally with clients
course details here tinyurl.com/yaazg6ar