Improving Employee Engagement part 1

Here is an extract from a recent employee engagement survey conducted by Changeboard in partnership with Oracle. The results are real food for thought, leading us to the question, what can we do about it? Each week we will look at the major blockers to employee engagement, with solutions that will lead to great improvements when implemented.

The majority (60%) of organisations are not happy with the current levels of employee engagement. There are many different reasons for low employee engagement. The most common is due to leadership behaviours, put forward by 45% of people. “The organisation currently has no competency framework or values in place, so leadership behaviours have a big negative effect on engagement,” asserted one individual. But the line manager/employee relationship is also prominent (42%), as is a lack of career development opportunities (39%), poor performance management (38%) and a perceived lack of voice (27%). Other anecdotal responses also referenced issues such as conflict between senior management and employees, a lack of work/life balance and the impact of substantial funding cuts, reorganisations and job losses.

Isn’t it shocking that 45% of workers participating responded that their low engagement was as a direct result of Leadership behaviours. There are so many organisations that first fail to identify the behaviours they want their leaders to demonstrate consistently and secondly, fail to build effective skills and behaviour frameworks that underpin quality leadership in their business.
What we can do is to assist businesses both identify and work in partnership with leaders to put together the framework, whilst building their understanding of What we are doing, Why we are doing it , How it will be a benefit for them and their employees.
We can support leaders through coaching to help explore their own leadership behaviour challenges, identify where and why some situations are more challenging than others and to increase their own self-awareness.

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