Improving Employee Engagement Part 2

In the first installment of this blog on employee engagement we took an extract from a recent employee engagement survey conducted by Changeboard in partnership with Oracle. The results are real food for thought, leading us to the question, what can we do about it? Each week we will look at the major blockers to employee engagement, with solutions that will lead to great improvements when implemented.

Linked to the manager relationship, is the issue of lack of career development opportunity cited by 39% of those participating as a reason for poor employee engagement. The line manager with poor people skills and unacceptable behaviours is most unlikely to be a nurturing, encouraging individual. We all have a better level of wellbeing when we are involved and part of the story. We all have skills, knowledge & expertise, the secret is if those are recognised, honed & channelled.
What we can do is to work with organisations to develop an extensive people plan that fully reflects business needs, identifies people’s aspirations and matches latent potential to training and development programmes. A critical component of a great people plan is in communicating the opportunity messages and celebrating success, the completion of training, the awards won, the promotions achieved etc.

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