Is There Life On Mars

Man’s fascination with trying to find life on other planets continues, following the latest satellite images, scientists have for the first time confirmed liquid water flowing on the surface of present-day Mars, a finding that will add to speculation that life, if it ever arose there, could persist.
So roll on the clock say a few thousand years from now and I wonder what life from another time dimension, coming across planet earth may find? And if we are no longer in existence what legacy we leave behind? Will these visitors, if it is to be believed we cannot be the only form of civilisation in existence, be able to piece together not only how we evolved, but understand our purpose?
I remember the first time I came across NLP and signed up for a NLP Practitioner training, with so much new, interesting and exciting information, I must confess to missing the significance of chunking. This is an NLP technique where we explore associations, the way we make meaning of individual bits of information, make links and association with other pieces of information to form a construct from which we make meaning and have an understanding. So an example would be chunking up, a hub may be part of a wheel, a wheel part of the steering, the steering part of a car, a car a mode of transport, a mode of transport connection to others. You can chunk downward where you identify smaller pieces of information that are part of the previous, an example would be the exact opposite of the first example, as well as sideways where you are looking to identify what belongs to the same set i.e. a car, a bus, a lorry, a taxi etc.
The importance of us being able to find ways of ensuring we are understanding people cannot be over stated, at our highest level we will probably find that the vast majority of people want security, peace, happiness, togetherness, friendship and a trouble free life. Yet so many don’t find these things in abundance, they find aggravation, conflict, disappointment; have insecurities and a rough paper round, their lives are pitched at survival, beating the odds. Our planet, a one globe resource our sole security is suffering as policies and actions taken by governments and corporations in pursuit of short term results build up.
If we spent more effort in understanding what we desire at a higher level and what others are also looking for, and were able to hold those as we worked down together on how to achieve them for the long term and in a sustainable way, then may be, less of the conflicts, disagreements and individual benefiting behaviours would be displayed. A classic corporate case of this is the latest Volkswagen engine performance scandal. Here a corporation has admitted they pursued methods for the benefit of self and with little or no regard for the environment.
We are gradually witnessing change, what we are not seeing is enough of it and at a pace that will prevent irreparable damage. Human activity seen in the 12 measures of Socio-Economic Change are the prime drivers of the 12 measures of Earth System Change depicted in the slides to be found at

All can all be seen to be going exponential, yet they are not widely reported in the media

So our legacy is our choice, could our ultimate demise be our lack of ability to work collectively to secure a sustainable future for all, or will our extra-terrestrial friends arrive to find the remains of what once promised to be such a bright future and then have the interesting task of finding out how it ended, to find the end came as a consequence of repeated short term and individualistic acts.
Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value.
Albert Einstein