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What is NLP?



Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is like being given the manual and the intensive driving lessons for your brain. It has been called the software for the mind, and it's easy to see why.

NLP can assist you to develop and maintain a high level of motivation for achieving your goals, and can help convert barriers and obstacles into doorways to success.


"To start your journey"

NLP can be used to learn how top achievers are different from average achievers and to create a blueprint for unlimited success.

Through the simple yet profound principles that make NLP techniques so powerful, you can eliminate unwanted habits, transform negative emotions into positive feelings.

Improve the way you see yourself, enhance your self-esteem and become the person you want to be.


"Exploring endless possibilities"

Everything you experience is created twice - first in your mind and then in reality.

The experiences you create are representative of your internal state, the way you think and the feelings that your thoughts generate.

When you have the tools to change your internal state, you will find that your external reality will change to match the new internal state. It's pretty simple, and quite astounding.

What will I get from an NLP Training Course

  • Communicate on a higher level using more effective rapport skills
  • Read and understand body language and non-verbal communication to increase understanding of others
  • Increase your ability to see, hear and feel things you were never aware of before
  • Create compelling goals for yourself and effectively manage your own future
  • Use proven techniques to improve self-confidence and resourcefulness
  • Create your own empowering states and learn the skills to assist others in doing so
  • Effectively negotiate and collaborate with others
  • Eliminate unwanted fears and phobias
  • Release unresolved negative emotions (anger, sadness, fear, guilt)
  • Change limiting beliefs into empowering resources
  • Develop a more positive self-image
  • Increase your motivation
  • Advance professionally, personally and financially
  • Feel fully alive!

What are the business benefits of training in NLP

  • Basic NLP skills which improve and enhance communication, rapport building and goal setting are all immediately applicable to the business world and have a proven positive effect on business performance. Specific skills for dealing with people who perceive the world differently from us will help improve relations with peers, bosses, customers, new prospects, and across cultural divides in multinational companies.
  • A business’s performance is dependent on the performance of its people. To grow the business, you need to grow your employees. But “growing” usually means stepping outside our comfort zone, yet limiting beliefs or fear of failure often prevent this.
  • NLP training creates an environment where people feel safer about stepping outside their comfort zone and discovering the strengths and resources they never knew they had. The business benefits are there to reap: – happier, better performing teams, increased staff retention, fewer misunderstandings and improved customer satisfaction. In today’s economic climate; can you afford not to gain the competitive edge available to you through NLP?
  • Negotiating – Ask better questions to determine their criteria and values and use perceptual positions to understand all parties’ attitude and relationship with you.
  • Understanding and delighting customers – Develop compelling solutions for your customer’s needs and understand your customer’s relationship with you.
  • Understanding and working with internal customers, clients & suppliers – Improve rapport skills to achieve a relationship of trust and mutual respect.
  • Setting Direction – Use questions effectively to determine how best to achieve your outcomes and ensure realistic implementation plans for success.
  • Releasing potential – Use NLP attitudes and techniques to coach more effectively and to develop modelling skills to develop the beliefs, capabilities and behaviours you need to accomplish your outcomes.
  • Achieving results – Get customers, colleagues and suppliers to want to work with you because you understand their values and motivation.
  • Presenting and communicating skills – Develop your rapport skills so that you can build rapport easily with a wide range of people and develop new methods of getting feedback so that you continually improve what you do

Feeling wantonly curious for more information?



Senior learning and development professional

I have exceeded all my expectations and met and exceeded my personal objectives. I will feel more confident in recognising where and when I can use these techniques. I look forward to hearing myself putting this learning into practice. Reb & Mark were exceptional – Thanks! Extraordinary!


Deputy Director / Menat Health Trust

I have gained more from this course (both personally and for business use) than I have from all other courses attended in the past (possibly combined).

“Traditional thinking is all about ‘what is’. Future thinking will also need to be about what can be”

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