How Compelling are your Objectives in 2016

I was listening to the news the other day when the subject of New Year Resolutions came up, interestingly according to the reporter 80% of those who make  New Year Resolutions either break it or give up on it by the 10th of January. This of course has been long known in the fitness industry and gyms in particular, where memberships and subscriptions are taken out and then hardy used past January.
So why does this happen? Probably because the resolution made is not compelling enough for the person and is overtaken by a more compelling reason to go back to what they were doing! The classic example of this is in weight loss, where there is a desire to lose weight and all the evidence for the person is there i.e. cloths not fitting comfortable, breathlessness under exercise, tiredness, more effort required than before to achieve the same outcome etc. but the person does not do what they committed to doing i.e. more exercise, change diet etc.
So can you make outcomes more compelling for yourself?
Well Yes you can!
Why would you want to do that?
Well in the many clients I have worked with over the years, once we have checked out what they want is definitely what they want, and we have done the ecology checks to ensure that when they get it, it won’t have a negative impact on other areas of their life, making their desired outcome more compelling has in fact ensured their success!
Working with a client to help them alter how they represent their desires, targets and objectives is only a small part of using NLP techniques to assist clients in their lives and businesses.
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Something to try
How do you represent succeeding in achieving something? It may be a picture you can see when you close your eyes, you may here yourself talking it through in the privacy of your head or you may have a feeling that comes on when you think about doing it, or it may be some other way. Whatever way that is, what happens if you alter that representation? i.e. if it’s a picture increase the brightness or bring the picture closer to you.
Happy experimentation