Successfully Appraising Staff

Most organizations have some form of appraisal system.

For the manager the annual appraisal can be reasonably testing, there can be pressure from HR to meet the deadlines and produce individual reports for all the team members and there is the time it takes as well as doing the day job.

However there is a quality opportunity here. Get it right and it can be the process that unlocks potential, discovers talent, increases creativity and employee engagement. It never ceases to amaze me the skills and experience people have and use outside of the workplace, only to find that they are missed, never explores or simply ignored by their boss.

Whatever business we are in we are in the people business‘ never a truer word spoken, people are our greatest asset, how many times have you heard that said? The reality is though many managers and organizations focus on the process and measure the results!

People do not come to work to do a bad job‘ yet we have all gone to work and got something wrong occasionally, sometimes with fairly large consequences. The fact is we didn’t do it intentionally or deliberately, we just messed up a little.

So back to the appraisal process, we are passionate about people development, we are also passionate about supporting people & organizationsĀ  in achieving the best that they can be. We know that happy people perform well and we know that discretionary effort is released when people feel valued. So lets get appraising our people and doing it successfully.

If you would like a little support in that, why not have a look at our latest product, it’s the first in a series of courses in a box, ready made workshops that you can deliver in your workplace, all the materials you need including an explicit trainer guide to support you in your delivery.

Successfully AppraisingĀ  Staff

  • Delegate handbook
  • Trainer guide
  • PowerPoint presentation
  • Successful Appraisal Coaching cards

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