GROW Your People

Without people everything becomes transactional, an organisations biggest asset is its people, but many businesses could invest more wisely to grow their people at little extra cost.

I am experiencing customer fatigue with all the automation I face, cost is not everything, experience is becoming more important as choice is ever increasing.

Experience not just from a customers perspective but also in the B2B sector is important, it encompasses trust, openness, partnership a willingness to go the extra mile. These are all behavioural traits that come from our beliefs & values as well as being conditioned by the way we lead and managed and by the way we are rewarded or discouraged!



What is evident is that if the focus is on cost, efficiency & productivity the level of human interaction drops, it becomes less necessary, or does it?

What we see are organisations that have many subject experts, high in knowledge and experience but lacking the fundamental skills of leading themselves and others in a caring compassionate way.

By developing coaching as a leadership style, where managers are proactively looking to grow their people as opposed to solely managing the workload, people thrive, they feel cared for, appreciated, and valued, as a consequence their discretionary effort increases. Now every manager and leader would say yes to a bit of that.

Promoting coaching and the importance of growing people both individually and as a team can have a massive impact on the success of an organisation, they become more agile, innovative and tuned into what their customer wants and needs.

What ever business your in your in the people business, introduce tools and resources that address the basic skills, build better interpersonal skills throughout the organisation, support peoples growth not just professionally but personally. The most knowledgeable experienced person on the job does not necessarily make the best leader, nor may they want a job for which they have received little training!

Raising Awareness Though 360 Feedback

Many more businesses are providing managers with the opportunity to experience 360 feedback. This is a good thing as our perceptions of our own behaviours, skills and knowledge in the work place may be both different and informed from a limited number of sources.

It’s important that participants receive a facilitated feedback session and not just given a printed report to digest the information. The feedback session should facilitated in a coaching style, be one of an exploration, where the coach through asking questions of the participant increases their awareness of how they perceive themselves and to how others perceive them.
The exploration of when and where particular competencies are being demonstrated, well or not so well, provides the participant with context, is useful in recognising what works so it can be repeated more often and in developing actions for improvement in the future.

Many organisations have also benefited from including personality trait psychometrics into their management & leadership development programmes and the feedback sessions conducted by experienced and qualified coaches can provide quality information for the participant to work with in their personal development plan.

Coaching in Gloucestershire

We attended the Gloucestershire Coaching Network group last night.
Held at the Maxima Forum on Landsdown Road Cheltenham bi monthly we were undertaking coaching practice specifically using two techniques that of The Sedona Technique and Dilts Neurological Levels.
Coaching whether it be executive coaching, performance coaching, life coaching is a powerful tool. Our group consists of coaches working with business, public and voluntary organisations to facilitate personal, management and leadership development.
Our next meeting is the 22nd September and you can book on through the Gloucestershire CIPD website.
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