State Management For Ultimate Results

Ever been driving along when suddenly the car in front slams on the brakes? My guess is many of us have experienced that massive instantaneous reaction that almost makes you jump out of your skin, the one that mobilises your attention and puts you in response mode to the impending danger.
We may know this a fight of flight mode and we may have heard about the risks of working in a stressed state for prolonged periods of time and the effects that has on our Health and wellbeing.
The question is, if there is a way of managing your state, reducing and controlling your responses to the environment you’re in, that supported your wellbeing, physical and mental health, is that something you would be interested in and worth you investing in as part of your personal development?
Come and experience how you can put back balance into your system, how you can consciously work with your Head, Heart and Gut intelligences to better your decision making.
Recognised by the ICF (International Coaching Federation) for continuous coaching education units and by AC ( The Association For Coaching) The mBIT training course is suitable for everyone and in particular business leaders wishing to further their leadership development, for coaches wishing to add this transformational and complementary modality to their skill set. For teachers, medical practitioners, social workers and those engaged in activities to support the growth and development of others.
Our next UK course is in Gloucester 30th Sept – 3rd October and limited to 12 places
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