Ten benefits to offering 360 appraisals in your organisation

1. Improves operational efficiency, customer service, turnover and profitability
2. Increases individual performance by identifying learning and development opportunities for both the individual and for the organisation to provide
3. Raises awareness in individuals of their behaviours, attitudes and performance and how they impact on others and the efficiency of the business
4. Encourages and supports an open culture of feedback, personal development and improvement and supports other important quality programmes such as IIP, TQM, LEAN & 6 Sigma.
5. Measures the effectiveness of individuals against the competencies required to succeed in their role.
6. Is a powerful driver of change and demonstrates a commitment to developing people and the organisation
7. Helps individuals develop their Emotional Intelligence (EQ) known to be the most important leadership power.
8. Recognises individual strengths and encourages people to use them more often and to take ownership of their own personal development programmes PDP
9. Provides invaluable information in support of Leadership & Management Development programmes
10. Can help to release additional discretionary effort of colleagues in the organisation, through true leadership recognition and reward.