The confusion of knowing what you don’t want!

One of the biggest blockers to us getting what we want from life can be that we don’t actually know what we want! However we know that what we have isn’t what we want. How strange is that?
Strange as it may seem, this is a common problem and one which we need to resolve before we can move on.
Coaching is all about the facilitation of an environment where you the coachee feel safe and secure, where you know there is confidentiality and where you can become wantingly curious again.

Think of it like this, if you know you don’t like where you are, then your likely to want to move away, but to where? If you don’t know your destination then how do you know in which direction to travel? Establishing where to head to, metaphorically speaking is you the coachee setting the goal or the objective, our role as the coach is to facilitate that with the use of key questions and lots of silence. You see we are there to listen to you, give you the space, the space to think.

So if your reading this and your maybe not so happy with your current lot, it’s a stage, the key is not to stay there mentally, it doesn’t feel nice, and you can move on. Ask yourself a couple of these questions that may help you reveal what you really want.

What specifically do I want?
What do I want that I am not currently getting?
If I don’t like what I’ve currently got what do I want instead?