We have multiple brains

Well for some, just the title will raise their eyebrows! I imagine though, that you have had experiences where you have felt some funny sensations going on in your stomach. Maybe you were trying to make a decision and although the facts all added up there was something holding you back! Or maybe there was that overwhelming feeling of needing to do something, so strong that no rational reason other than ‘I want to’ was driving you! Welcome to multiple brains (mBraining), something that has been long acknowledged in ancient wisdom and honoured by many cultures for millennia. With constant advances in technology, neuroscience has the proof that we do in fact have more than one brain. Most people when asked to point to their brain would point to their head without a second thought, but what accounts for these strange feelings in the gut or the feeling of love that comes from the heart?! Maybe to have other definitions of what constitutes a ‘brain’ may help? How about a complex adaptive neural network! Or a neural network capable of receiving information, processing that information, sending information to another part of the body and then remembering what it’s learnt. mBraining, as its been called by Grant Soosalu and Marvin Oka, has resulted in a number of years of work by the two of them, from collating scientific data and over 600 research studies completed on the other brains (Heart and Gut), through to completing exhaustive behavioural modelling of subjects demonstrating great wisdom in their contribution to humanity. It’s difficult to refute, Grant (from Australia) demonstrates an encyclopaedic knowledge of the subject and was recently in the UK to conduct an mBIT Trainers training along with Wilbert Molenaar (Netherlands) & Dr Suzanne Henwood (New Zealand). ‘So what does this mean to me?’ I hear you ask. Well, we live in a very ‘Head’ brain world, that’s for sure and make many decisions with little or lack of consideration to what our other brains are telling us, in fact we may not even be communicating with the other two! That’s hardly achieving wisdom now is it? As the old expression says “Wisdom comes from multiple perspectives”, and until recently, I thought I had cracked this one being a NLP’er, simple…just use perceptual positioning. That’s ok isn’t it, well its gives you three head brain perspectives! But that’s it. Having now experienced what you tap into when you successfully align all three brains, I have to say I am impressed, greater wisdom emerges, both from a personal perspective but also how you can make a meaningful difference for others. Maybe you could look at this from the work perspective, the biggest challenges facing businesses are in the areas of employee engagement, productivity and competitiveness, workforce wellbeing, stress and absenteeism as well as retention. In the ever competitive world, we are beating ourselves to death to be successful! That’s an interesting term successful, as it depends on what you mean by and how you measure success. In reality slowly some businesses are realising that the focus is on the wrong things and although important results are not everything! Be compassionate, be creative and be courageous and the focus changes, it’s a lot more people and environmental based, in itself it generates sustainability, cohesion between people on an altogether different level. Clinging together for a short term gain looks and feels far less attractive, people achieve greater fulfilment and find purpose in all that they are and do, as a consequence stress lessens, engagement increases, productivity and continuous improvement become the norm and happiness, true happiness evolves. If on reading this, you would like to know more about mBraining, how it could help you or your organisation, pick up the phone for a chat, we are both mBIT certified coaches and Reb is also a certified mBIT Trainer. We have already started taking bookings for the first mBIT Certified Coach training in Gloucestershire and the South West but if you’re not in our geographical area, we can put you in touch with other fantastic mBIT Trainers and Coaches who can assist you in achieving your goals. Grant Soosalu and Marvin Oka have a fantastic book out mBRAINING: Using Your Multiple Brains to Do Cool Stuff which is available on Amazon and is a staggeringly good read. Lots of other cool resources are available at www.mBraining.com Find more on Facebook at mBraining and also mBraining Europe Mark +44 7968 102578